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written by: Madhu Jaiswal



Reversing the wheel
of time machine around.
I find myself embraced,
in those glares profound.
Twinkling starlight,
gleeful gleaming eyes.
The hands held tight,
and the chocolatey delight.
That mellow taste,
and enzymatic aroma of brewed coffee.
Merry and hearty,
as the aura turned groovy.

Talking endlessly,
though the lips were mum.
Palpitations of hearts,
in a rhythmical unison.
Ecstatic conglomeration of thoughts makes me shudder.
As I rerun the quantum without any ridder.
Life's little frenzies beholds a panorama of galaxy.
Tempus fugit in furore moments of redamancy.

Madhu Jaiswal

Madhu Jaiswal

Madhu Jaiswal is based and born in Kolkata (India). She is a simple homemaker who found her passion in writing poetries, articles and short stories. Her work is published in web magazines and on social platforms. Madhu is a friendly and compassionate person who believes in humanity and volunteers equally for the same.
Madhu Jaiswal

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