Tender Rose, a poem written by Leena Auckel at Spillwords.com
Sandy Millar

Tender Rose

Tender Rose

written by: Leena Auckel


The rose bud,
The soft petals,
Clad between the sepals
Oblivious to daily dismals.

Drops of water dribbled
Gliding softly off the sepals,
Not a single drop
Reaching the smooth petals.

Sweet Little Rose
She was protected likewise
by her beloved parents
Shielded was she of difficulties
Not a single hardship did she encounter
They were deviated vehemently
By this armour called Parents!

The rose bud had bloomed
Into a beautiful flower
The sepals had curled downwards
All the same supporting the rose.
The rains came again
How the droplets
Landed ruthlessly on the petals!
Poor rose flower was drenched!

Little Rose blossomed
Into a lovely maiden
Her parents were bent with age,
Yet uplifted their Rose.
Challenges arose again!
How they bore down
Upon Sweet Rose
Poor Rose was burdened!

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