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That Anger Does Not Belong to You

That Anger Does Not Belong to You

written by: TM Arko



It came from some ideology
Someone else’s twisted views or smoke filled rooms
With drunken politicians or the guy who talks too much
It travelled the polluted airwaves of the Devil’s radio
Where it scorched the innocents ears and scarred their souls
It was born from thoughts of power that the greedy demand
Masked as a philanthropist hiding the face of anarchy
While the heartless work unceasingly in the basements of hate
They don’t give a damn about you
How hard you have to work or
How much it costs to die
Day by day they build it
And pump it into the world
Because all they want is their false tooth faces on glossy magazines
They pick people to be their trumpets that blast an off-beat tune
A tune that forces the legs of the ignorant to march
And they do march on
Thinking they have a cause
That’s all just incited rhetoric
“War is Peace”
“Freedom is Slavery”
“Ignorance is Strength”
They have no idea what Orwell warned
And nothing they do will feed the poor or help the truly forlorn and hurting
All they know is the manufactured malaise that they really don’t own
So the Masters stir the pot
While humanity sleeps and longs
For the controlled media madness that leads to utopia
While the digitally hypnotized kids and their drug induced parents
Feed on society’s slop as it spills upon your porch
That anger does not belong to you
Don’t touch it
Don’t claim it
Don’t let it in your door


Don’t let it in your door!

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