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That's So OCD

written by: Henna Johansdotter


I used to murder my family before I went to bed
woke up around 3 AM and murdered them a couple of times again omg lol
every time I walked the street there was a body left behind
charged with so OCD how do you plead?
my body's a pest spreading lmao
the clock keeping me awake
someone rubbed their cheek on the carpet
left poundings on the walls
(the damp eats them)
forgot to chain the door
and we'll probably be at war tomorrow
#obsessive compulsive disorder? xD
haven't slept alone for 7 years smh
my pillow reeks of thoughts
what if I miss my own funeral
what if I was supposed to be somewhere else
what if it is time to wake up
what if I still want to sleep?

Henna Johansdotter

Henna Johansdotter

JUNE 2019 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
I'm a novelist and a poet from Finland, interested in surrealism, science fiction and making people around me uncomfortable. I blog on WordPress as HJD writes. Visit me there.
Henna Johansdotter

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