The Anchor and the Wheel at

The Anchor and the Wheel

The Anchor and the Wheel

written by: Nicole



Is there anything more intimate
Than a father and his new child
And hands wrapped upon a neck?
Tanned, aged workman’s fingers upon pale skin.

I feel your fingers upon my wooden surface.
Guiding me with your intimacy.

Guiding? Or grounding?
I am chained by your love
Your filthy embrace.
Your port is the only light
I have ever known.

And ever will know.
Wheels are weak and I don’t
Have the strength to move on.

So what if you let go?
You’ve controlled me for so long
It’s like your fingers are
Part of me too.
So what if you let go?

I suppose death is the only way forward.
The new light.

Let go. Let your fingers slide.
The anchor and the wheel
Cannot go side by side.

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