The Audacity of Grief, poetry by Natasha Nsemiwe at
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The Audacity of Grief

The Audacity of Grief

written by: Natasha Nsemiwe


Death is the most lustful man I have ever met
Factually speaking, he doesn’t really have a type
Ripe for deity judgment or not, he’s interested
With little or no seduction processed, he becomes one’s defeat
To see our loved ones break ties with life is all he lives for

His wife, grief, cursed be the day of her birth, makes him look like a saint
She exhumes the processions of your peace atop the tides of sleep rejecting you
Smuggling doubts of God’s love into the sanctuary of your mind
Defiling you with heartbreak, regret, guilt and a web of confusion

For some, these emotions are heightened with time unlike the cliché of time heals all wounds
She is that tenant you cannot evict
Almost always, she is tattooed on you until you kiss life goodbye

Prior to that, you are furnished with loneliness as a finish off
Not that she is that ruthless but probably because the hands of her mercy are tied

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