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The Bark of The Black Dog

written by: Patrick Doran


Let the black dog bark
it may stop him from biting,
let him wear himself out
so he will be too tired for fighting.

Let the black dog get bored
once you show him no reaction,
let him get frustrated knowing
he has failed in his mission.

Let the black dog loose
so he may move on to another poor soul,
let him know with confidence
that you have regained control.

Let the black dog bark
for he cannot hurt you anymore,
let him look you in the eye
as you tell him he is no longer your provocateur.

Patrick Doran

Patrick Doran

Pat Doran was a truck driver for over thirty years. He found himself used to the solitude of the open roads and the long hours. During these years he would think up little stories and often poems to help pass away the time. Then after an illness which prevented him from working he started to write his thoughts and ideas down. Two years later he has published three books of poetry, The 50 Year Old Poet, Gentle Soul and most recently Beautiful Sky. As well as writing his fourth collection he's currently working on a book of short stories. Pat lives in Enniscorthy which is situated in the south east of Ireland.
Patrick Doran

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