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The Beautiful Perk Of My Heart

The Beautiful Perk Of My Heart

written by: thePoeticpiper



“And at the end you are one of a few who are the beautiful perks of my heart”

It was one of the most beautiful feelings in my life, made me shiver
The feeling that those who seek the true meaning of it would rediscover
We found ourselves in the same frame, far from home, far from pain
Far from knowing what would be of tomorrow, close to opening the door of our past
Rewinding time to share with one another, but you left without a goodbye

Your random hugs crushed me in a warm feeling that I needed at the time
In random scenes, I stared in your eyes and saw a glimpse of your smile
You were happy, and so was I, a saved memory amongst my memoirs
I looked forward to what the next day would bring
The next day brought a grey cloud, and I hid under an umbrella of a tearful storm

Thus far you should know that, I miss you

I would take an early morning run around the neighbourhood
Sad situations give me strength to pack my feelings and run over my moods
The day I was told you left, I fell into laughter, shocked a few faces
That night, I stared at the moon, trying to find you, my heart was trapped
A few stars were aligned, warmed me, and the feeling tore me apart
Countless empty bottles crashed after every sip, I cannot explain further

It was one of the most beautiful feelings in my life, made me shiver
Even though it did not come to that candy love, it was building towards it
Now you are gone and all I could do is to hold on to the memories
From the weed we got high, clubs we first went, the beach front marathons
I have moved on and I shall forever remember you in distant times
When time stops, when closure comes to play, we will see each other again

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