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The Big Spring Clean

The Big Spring Clean

written by: Nina Taylor


“Time for a Spring clean” the old lady said.
“Winter’s behind us and summer’s ahead.
We’ll spruce up the house so it looks shiny and new
So dog, cat and mouse, there’s plenty to do.
There’s dusting and scrubbing and curtains to wash
And rubbish to clear and boxes to squash.
We’ll clean the house from bottom to top
And till we’re finished we just won’t stop.
But don’t be alarmed it’ll be fun, you’ll see”
The old lady said as she finished her tea.
But little brown mouse wasn’t happy at all
“I’d rather be outside playing catch with a ball.”

Out came the dusters and buckets and mops
And in went the soap suds with bubbly plops.
Down came the curtains in a blink of an eye
To be scrubbed and rinsed and hung out to dry.

Dog flicked the duster all over the place
On shelves and in corners and even cat’s face.
Cat scrubbed the cupboards and cooker and fridge
While rinsing his sponge with a squish and a squidge.

Little brown mouse, the smallest of all
Had a job that made him feel ten feet tall.
“My job’s the best” he shouted out loud
As he wielded the mop feeling so super proud.
The water sploshed round leaving many a puddle
As old lady gasped “Oh dear, what a muddle.”
The dog and the cat went slipping and sliding
But from mouse and his mop there was no hiding.
“Maybe that job wasn’t right for you.
Here little mouse. This is what you do”.
She squeezed out the mop till it was nice and dry.
“Here little mouse. Have another try.”

“Out of the way. Mop coming through!”
So poor cat and dog didn’t know what to do.
Up jumped the cat to a shelf safe and sound.
But dog was still rooted there on the ground.
“You’ve washed my paws” was all dog could say
As mouse and his mop sloshed on their way.

Soon everything was sparkling clean.
Even the mirrors had a dazzling sheen
With curtains back up the house was like new.
And old lady sat down with an “Aaah” and an “Ooh”
Dog sat beside her and as she stroked his ear,
Said “Thank goodness we only do that once a year.
Now off you all go and play for a while,
But not in the dirt” she said with a smile.
So dog, cat and mouse scampered out in the sun
And old lady thought “Thank goodness we’re done!”

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