The Birth of Love, poetry by Aminath Neena at
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The Birth of Love

The Birth of Love

written by: Aminath Neena


Once, on a halved lunar month
The moon,
faltered in her steps
lost her course
and swayed behind

annoyed, the sun veiled his beam
threatening to disinherit her
from his fatherly light

The earth saw her wandering
like a lost kitten
Dazzled by her simplicity
and unique beauty

he rose from his earthly throne,
“Come, be the queen of my heart”, he bowed
“But you already have a Queen
-And you have little ones
to symbolize your union”, she mumbled
“She is just a matter of chance
and has little to do with my heart-

Otherwise, I might have died, a bachelor
devoid of off-spring-
to pass on my legacy”

The moon, charmed by his calibre
was at a loss for words
as well, lost her heart

smiling behind downcast lashes, she obliged
when the earth took her in his arms
the stars stopped twinkling and gazed
filled with wonder
shutting off their eyes

diminishing the rim
giving the couple, complete solitude

The night lingered till an eternity
while the sacred flowers
bloomed at the altar of the galaxy

in unison, the heavens smiled
as their joined hearts
melted and poured into each other

and that significant night
from the union of the earth and the moon,
and their entwined souls,

Love, was born for the first time
to be certified in history.

and from that night,
till the end of time
their flame is rekindled
On every lunar eclipse.

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