The Bridge Back Home written by Anne G at

The Bridge Back Home

The Bridge Back Home

written by: Anne G



I traced my steps across The Bridge

from whence I left

my native home

The Bridge that spans my early days

birth through childhood

seed to stalk

Ne’er did I think

I would return

to beauty more than I deserved

Suspended high above the fray

I stood in awe

and saw the way

I walked from one side to the next

across the years

and memories past

Upon the zenith

of The Bridge

realization came to pass

Who says there is no coming home

when heart and soul

remain steadfast

My bonny Brooklyn

does remain

in every fiber of who is me

It matters not

where I have been

the past and future do connect

The Brooklyn Bridge

mighty and proud

will forever take me there

Back to the place I love the most

Brooklyn dearest

then and now

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