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The Cake

written by: Parveen


As the butter mixes with milk
And I chop the fruits,
a surreal dream takes over me
The flour mixes with the nuts
The vanilla on my fingers smells of you
The air around is intoxicated by the
rum I pour into the batter
Suddenly the mundane becomes divine
And the ordinary becomes sublime
My house fills up with the aroma of your silent care
I carefully wrap all that is mine in the mixture of all that is you
As it all rises to form the cake
My heart whelmed with the taste of our oneness
I indulge in it and my day is suddenly filled with the flavours of you
Everything around seems bright
And the air is festive alright!



Parveen Sethi is a Bilingual writer residing in Ludhiana Punjab with her husband and two college going children. Written word is a passion and a way to let heart flow. Been published in many online journals and many books Nationally and internationally including 'Contemporary women writers of India', '52 loves', 'Colours of refuge', 'Resonating Strings' etc. Music and cooking are other Passions besides reading and writing.

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