The Calm Within, a poem by Christina Stewart at

The Calm Within

The Calm Within

written by: Christina Stewart


In the stillness of a tranquil mind,
Where thoughts like whispers softly bind,
A gentle trust begins to grow,
In the calm, solutions start to show.

No longer caught in a frantic race,
We find a slower, steady pace,
A place where overthinking fades,
And clarity through calm pervades.

Surrender to the quiet night,
Let go of worry’s grasping might,
For in the hush, a light will gleam,
Guidance flows like a tender dream.

When chaos roars and doubts intrude,
Seek the peace in solitude,
Trust the silence, let it lead,
Answers come to those who heed.

In the calm, the mind’s eye sees anew,
The path to take, the steps to do,
Embrace the stillness, gentle, pure,
And find the strength to just endure.

In the hush of the evening’s glow,
When moonlight bathes the earth below,
Let thoughts like ripples gently wane,
And peace within your heart will remain.

No longer bound by the day’s demands,
Hold the night within your hands,
For in the silent, starry space,
The soul finds its gentle grace.

Through the calm, a voice so clear,
Whispered truths you need to hear,
Surrender to the night’s embrace,
Feel the stillness, its soft tranquil trace.

So trust the quiet, let it be,
A balm to set your spirit free,
For in the calm, the answers lie,
Beneath the vast and open sky.

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