The Center of Feeling, poetry by Julia R. DeStefano at
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The Center of Feeling

The Center of Feeling

written by: Julia R. DeStefano



Head upon the pillow, I dream of a love.
Name it gentle, name it ravishing, name it mine –
a technicolor dream in the center of feeling,
the strumming of heartstrings with my heat.

May I touch you here, and there?

I don’t believe in mincing words.

Help my fingers find the chords
that will fill me with your love song.

Undresser of secrets, unveiler of desires –
I speak plainly, too plainly.
Let me shout it from the podium
as I tear at the last barricade of my heart.

Be the one who loves me.
I’ll be the one who loves you.

So what if your feet stay on the ground?
Your heart can still soar.

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