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The Christmas Moon

The Christmas Moon

written by: Rain Alchemist



On a wintery Christmas night,
I strolled in the friendless parkland with a malcontent plight,
Walking without a purpose with melancholic emotions blurring my sight,
I fortuitously gazed at my surroundings covered with lamps illuminating faint blue light,
The sand on the ground sparkled like the blue luminescent plankton bloom,
I raised my head to the sky to address the rare Christmas moon!

Christmas is a celebration of love with friends and family,
You must be wondering how such a beautiful day makes me lonely,
I wonder that too; no, I am not the Grinch trying to steal the glory of Christmas,
I am the one fighting a battle to believe in the magic the folklores express,
Amidst the canopy of Sigmora trees casting a spell of shadowy gloom,
I looked up from the tangled tree barks, the elegant bright Christmas moon!

I stood up still as if bewitched; I stared at the glaring moon,
While a cluster of matted clouds covered it in a gesture of tender spoon,
Soon the magical sheets of cotton invade the whole sky above me,
Still revealing the lamp of the night in its dazzling circular groom,
A gush of solid wind welcomed the tiny crystal of snow all around me,
Surrounded by the celestial snowfall, I admired the snug, white Christmas moon!

As the tiny white sprinkles of artistic ice fell on the gloomy park lamps,
The warmth confined within them released from their exile in artistry forms,
Their shapes resembled the mythical beings from the tales narrated on winter camps,
The enthralling ambiance created by night was an experience beyond any norms,
I quivered in the cold, though the blanket of tranquillity covered my heart’s shattered rooms,
Holding the sides of my jacket together, I paid tribute to the enlightened, wise Christmas moon!

I floated in an astounding dream imagining the lives of tiny adorable elves,
The art of baking, carpentry, toy making constitute their prestigious selves,
Legends of their toil ‘n sociability surround the whole globe from their polar dwells,
A distant noise “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Accompanied by the harmony of million jingling bells,
Awoke me from the child-like dream, I looked up high at the mystique moon,
A herd of flying reindeers pulling the Santa sled crossed above me with a loud boom!

Bewildered by sight, on a charismatic night, I reasoned with my self-belief,
Amidst the conjuring skit presented by nature, I attained a blissful relief,
Lonely parkland and I have been close for a while; tonight, we both have reasons to smile,
If we put our faith to strive, the magic of Christmas is forever alive,
I walked away from the buyout park, contented with the inspiring boon,
For the last time, I looked up, smiled at the Merry Christmas moon!

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