The Christmas Rainbow, poetry by Ken Gosse at

The Christmas Rainbow

The Christmas Rainbow

written by: Ken Gosse


Somewhere, over the rainbow,
Santa flies,
reindeer pulling his sleigh
across the crisp midnight skies.

Somewhere, over the rainbow,
skies are clear,
and the dreams of our wond’ring
children will soon appear.

One day we’re children watching for
the kindly Saint who’ll come by door
or fireplace,
then wake up when we’re fully grown
and have some children of our own
who now take our place.

Somewhere over the rainbow,
skies are wild,
yet, they’ll tame the fierce weather,
making the journey mild.

I hold their hands and we’re beguiled;
that’s when I find
that I am still a child.



this was written for my mother’s Christmas card in 2016 when she was 97. It follows Judy Garland’s singing of “Over the Rainbow” in the movie “Wizard of Oz.”

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