The Circle of Death and Life, poetry written by LadyLily at

The Circle of Death and Life

The Circle of Death and Life

written by: LadyLily



The Church blazed bright,
so intense it was almost audible,
all golden, a vividness of peace…
As alabaster feet of Angels danced on threaded dew.

My heart swells,
seedlings shred by preying puppets.
Thirsty, chilled I walk, crushed,
this lifeless Earth to roam.
Lips leaded, crave bloody colour,
berries of scarlet drip from shoulders of branches…
on hands and knees I lick their juices.

I remember Daffodils wrapped in papery blankets…
Sparkling February’s dew with tinges of white-gold.
Then painless. A colourless Rose,
a passing phantom, a tongue-less ghost…
its spirit no longer breathes.
Primroses shy footsteps tip-toe around sentient oaks,
vibrant bark hums through naked twigs.

My treasure scattered to all who loved me,
I wear nobodies face, eyes translucent
revealing a tint of pressed Magnolia.
I will dissipate into the mists of Spring,
as sweet, shrill melodies fizz like sherbet
and haunted silences are no more.
I am Home.

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