The Classroom, a poem written by Sabah Carrim at
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The Classroom

The Classroom

written by: Sabah Carrim



A place for learning
we were told

And believed
too ardently

Aired our views openly
passionately, sincerely

Expecting a debate
an honest discussion

A safe place, we thought
to be told maybe we’re wrong

To hear why, explained why;
open to rational discourse

To be convinced through logic
not condemned through emotion

But that did not happen;
no. We realised in time

What we were promised
were lies. The classroom

was—is—like any grouping
where when we differ in opinion,

in thought, we’re set aside, labeled;
thus, punished and disciplined

till we re-align, re-adjust
to be like everyone, to be the crowd

The classroom, a place for learning
—Learning to conform

Sabah Carrim

Sabah Carrim

Sabah Carrim has authored two novels, namely Humeirah and Semi-Apes, both set in Mauritius where she was born. Her shorter work has been shortlisted in various competitions such as the Bristol Short Story Prize and the Gabriele Rico Challenge for Creative Nonfiction, among others. Sabah has a PhD in Genocide Studies and is currently recipient of the W. Morgan and Lou Claire Rose Scholarship for a MFA in Creative Writing in Texas State University.
Sabah Carrim

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