The Classroom, a poem written by Sabah Carrim at
Barry Zhou

The Classroom

The Classroom

written by: Sabah Carrim



A place for learning
we were told

And believed
too ardently

Aired our views openly
passionately, sincerely

Expecting a debate
an honest discussion

A safe place, we thought
to be told maybe we’re wrong

To hear why, explained why;
open to rational discourse

To be convinced through logic
not condemned through emotion

But that did not happen;
no. We realised in time

What we were promised
were lies. The classroom

was—is—like any grouping
where when we differ in opinion,

in thought, we’re set aside, labeled;
thus, punished and disciplined

till we re-align, re-adjust
to be like everyone, to be the crowd

The classroom, a place for learning
—Learning to conform

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