The Color Red, poetry by Rakshinda Mujeeb at
Zohre Nemati

The Color Red

The Color Red

written by: Rakshinda Mujeeb



Something so adverse about adversities,
you find yourself awake in the madness that
sends twitches down your spine unraveling
chronic loneliness. For when adversity strikes,
even the shadow leaves your side. It pained
you to believe the lies that could shatter
crystal skies.

But life does not prepare you for bad days
you learn to be positive and to expect the best.
On gloomy days, you hope against hope,
let this experience humble you the most.
Like the forest in autumn, you too change colors
from hues of green to yellow to orange to brown
and eventually red.

Little did you know about the strength of a heart
it grows stronger in isolation. When there is no one
to hold onto, you meet yourself. Perhaps that is one
thing that the beauty of autumn and the bravery of
a heart have in the common-The color red.

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