The Coma That Ruined Everything, flash fiction written by Jordyn Kunkle at
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The Coma That Ruined Everything

The Coma That Ruined Everything

written by: Jordyn Kunkle


Screech. That’s what it sounded like as her car slid across the very slick road. Bam. Then she hits the car in front of her, which hits the one in front of that one. Jessica just closed her eyes and hoped for the best. All she hears are the sirens wailing, and people screaming and crying. Tears run down Jessica’s face as she tries not to open her eyes. She has an airbag in her face and she doesn’t want to move. The ambulance then gets to the scene with loud sirens and flashing lights. Wee-woo wee-woo. Jessica’s mom doesn’t get there long after the ambulance. “My baby!!” The mom screams.
“Ma’am I need you to step back,” the EMT says.
“Please help her– She’s all I have left,” the mom’s voice breaks as she’s sobbing into the EMT’s arms.
“I’ll try my very best.”

The EMTs get Jessica out of the car and put her on a stretcher. They get her in the ambulance and put an oxygen mask on her and take her to the nearest hospital. As soon as they reached Alhambra Hospital Medical Center Jessica was brought inside and rushed into the trauma room. The mom was forced to wait in the waiting room. Jessica’s mom sits there by herself in the waiting room sobbing more tears than she ever has. Jessica’s parents are split up and now her dad isn’t in her life. Jessica is an only child. She doesn’t really have any “close family.” Her grandmother passed away when Jessica was 11. The surgeons and interns all gather around trying to figure out what is wrong with Jessica. They take her to get a CT. She loses her ability to breathe all of a sudden.

They rush her into surgery. They don’t know what needs to be done but they have to figure it out soon and fast. A surgical intern goes out to tell the mom what’s happening. “We took Jessica to get a CT and while we were in there, she stopped breathing,” The intern explains.
“What do you mean she stopped breathing? What happens now?”
“She has been taken to surgery.”
“Oh no. How long will it take? What are they all doing? Do they know why she stopped breathing?”
“I will let you know more whenever we find out.”

They found a very bad blood clot in Jessica’s brain so she had to get brain surgery done. They removed the clot and then she was sent to recovery. The mom has bloodshot eyes from crying so much. She looks directly into the doctor’s eyes. “When will she wake up?”
“We aren’t sure.”
“What do you mean you’re not sure!?”
“I mean, she is in very bad condition. We believe there could be more injuries.”
“So what now?”
“Now we wait.”
“It’s been two days. Why is she not awake yet?” Jessica’s mom asks with a worried tone.
“We understand that you’re worried. But we believe there could be some complications.”
“Complications? What do you mean by complications?”
“We mean that she might not wake up.”
“Wha- what do you mean?”
“We believe that Jessica is in a very bad coma that she will not be able to wake up from.”
“I can’t lose her. She’s really all I have.”
“I’m sorry. I wish there was something for me to do to help.”

After Jessica’s mom found out that she wouldn’t wake up she explained to the doctor why Jessica was out driving. Jessica has been planning to go to the beach with her friends for the past year now. Today they fully planned on going. They were going to meet at their hotel. It was pouring outside, the roads were so slick. Jessica has been talking so much about going to the beach. She has been so excited. She has never been to the beach before. All she wanted to do was to see The pale light of the moon cast its reflection across the ocean.

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