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The Dances Used To Mean More

The Dances Used To Mean More

written by: Gaitano


The Dances Used to Mean Much More to Us.
To sing and chant amongst the camp
A new song for every fire
Filling in any void
Answering every wanderers
We danced for the lost
We danced for the weary
We danced for those who could not dance anymore
We danced because we could

New seasons came and went
My love for the breezes
remained constant
We were all each others fathers
And the land was everyone’s mother
We were not lost
Those who would find us
were then found themselves
Some tired,
some who needed the help to find their own fire
Some who came to share their fire
It was in our community that these songs did come from
Every bit of energy we had
and some
The songs were the marriage
And the dances were the binding of us to each other and to the earth
For better or for worse

The Breaking of the Dances.
Coming of a “New Age”
They called it
An age in which we would live as
they do
Not savage like we, my brethren
To what happiness should I strive
when truly my heart and soul are
already satisfied
They want to create a steel wagon
that goes over my grandfathers
It will go across my home
and then
this place,
they say will no longer be my home.

The dances meant a great much to
Now, whither and fuss
If we sing our songs
They will kill us

Who will dance for me
When I am lost
Who will dance for me
When I am weary
Who will dance for me
When I can no longer dance
Who will dance
Only because they can



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