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The Dark Night

written by: Shereen Mir



I lay alone, on a lonely night,
Facing the sky, too sad a sight.
‘Twas cold and dark, and dull and bleak
Made me low, so slow to speak
My eyes wide, my face numb,
An onlooker too might succumb.
A hundred words, a thousand scars,
A million thoughts, among those stars.
Not a word, I wished to say,
For none could tell, why I lay-
So lost, so lost in the haze,
There was no stopping to my gaze.
“What, Why, Where and When?”-
These questions rang, and broke my pen.
I thought, I wrote, I smiled, I cried,
I thanked, I cursed, I lived, I died.
“Things happen to only make me strong,
I now realize where I belong.
To friends who left, to bonds that broke,
Cheers! -To each heartbreaking stroke.”

I gathered my strength, to overcome all,
But lo! It collapsed and back I fall.
Back to Earth, with the sky above,
I still wanted to reach the stars I love.
Those blinking beauties led me far,
Far from limits or any bar.
‘Twas hard to sit, or stand or be,
Anyone apart from the ‘then-me’.
A girl who’s had her share of pain,
Perhaps much lost, and a little gain.
Off I lay, in the night too mute,
A pause or two could seem astute.
A raging storm in; out a calm,
I helplessly looked at my palm.
Those mysterious lines confused me more
I lay so dull, like a fish ashore.
Tired of questions and answers akin,
My heart peeped out, the dark came in.
I prayed for peace, for me and the rest.
The contemplations remained inside the chest.
My eyes now shut; I don’t want to see.
The reality indeed, is too tough on me.

Shereen Mir

Shereen Mir

I am a 21 years old writaholic, who is pursuing her Bachelors in Business Administration.
I am extremely passionate about writing, and I contribute regularly to both- international and local newspapers and magazines. My practical senses have forced me to work in the administrative department in a school, but my passion for writing serves its purpose right- I would never give up on that.
Shereen Mir

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