The Day The Circus Came To Town, poem by Roger Turner at

The Day The Circus Came To Town

The Day The Circus Came To Town

written by: Roger Turner



The posters said tomorrow
At eleven on the dot
The Mishkin Brothers Circus
Would be here…on this spot

There would be no carnival or midway
Just one tent and three rings
And all of the excitement
That a good old circus brings

There would be elephants and lions
Trapeze artists overhead
Dancing dogs and ponies
And zebras painted red

Clowns of all description
Answering to just one man
In the center of the circle
Was Mishkin brother….Dan

He’d run the show for twenty years
Gone from town to town to town
In one day they would get set up
And in two, they’d tear it down

One day to show the locals
The circus still was an event
With magic, form the Barnum Days
All housed inside one tent

The sideshow barkers and their geeks
Were not with this fine group
Dan Mishkin had assembled
Only the finest circus troup

From Russia he had jugglers
Knife throwers, just the best
Bareback riders from Decatur
Along with all the rest

Fourteen trucks and trailers
Pulled into town the night before
Breaking ground once they arrived
Working right through until four

Just old time entertainment
No travelling gypsy band was this
It was the Mishkin Brothers Circus
It was something not to miss

The show was started promptly
At twelve o’clock, like the sign said
A parade of all the players
And the zebras painted red

Two shows and it was over
The whole routine began anew
The field was once more empty
Gone was the Mishkin rolling zoo

A year from now, we’d see the signs
And we’d all go to the tent
To see the Mishkin Brothers Circus
The best money ever spent

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