The Day Woods/The Still Night, poem by Julian Mann at
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The Day Woods/The Still Night

The Day Woods/The Still Night

written by: Julian Mann




They are tired,
We walk where the sun has lived
All morning.

Children — sloped voices
Trip into the immense
Black mouth.

A shining wrath of motors. Yonder!

We stand in silence,
And the sun leaves it
On their faces.

Sun-stillness of day.




A still night follows

Stillness of the day woods.

Moon sees all ; makes path ; instills
the holly make

A light for itself.

Chill and the moon
Have stilled the evening.
Places to hide a pale face

By paths of moonglow we hid
The rotting day
Unter einem stillen Busch.

Julian Mann

Julian Mann

He has written since an early age, always sensitive to the mystery, beauty, and often, darkness, of landscape history and memory. In the last few years he has worked towards a dual sense of spirituality and art in his poems, inspired by T.S. Eliot, who is perhaps his strongest influence. He also greatly admires Geoffrey Hill and James Wright. He is an independently-spirited poet, and he hopes to encourage others to be the same; breaking away from the old culture of endlessly submitting to established publishers and journals, who are often too busy to appreciate the unique voices of true artists.
Julian Mann

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