The Devil's Kiss, poetry written by C H Elton at

The Devil’s Kiss

The Devil’s Kiss

written by: C H Elton



I awoke deep into the nighttime darkness
The atmosphere was dank, yet warm
My eyes stared hard trying to adjust
Dreading the presence, pleading that it does me no harm
As I began to catch what little light existed
And I recognise familiar shapes
A form appeared that was a grotesque face
Its features, stretched, bitter and twisted
It moved closer as an awful stench filled up the air
My body frozen in fear; I scream but no sound is there
The silence burnt my ears my fright it hurt my brain
The horrid form leaned closer still and its shadow caused me pain
I could feel that death was close to hand
It can only be a few seconds more
The dirty form met my mouth and kissed
And I scrambled for the bedroom floor
Flicking urgently for the light switch
The evil scepter stopped and grinned
Then the horror hit me deep into my core
With the devil I’m now twinned

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