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The Dinner Date

written by: Vandana Saxena


He went on a dinner date, with his lady love.
The woman he’d loved the most
but never voiced his amour.
Dressed in a tuxedo,
he clutched her fingers in his palm.
She trudged in a weary dress
donning a smile; wearing the calm.
Champagne sabered, candles lit, lavish cuisine was served.
In his crisp presence, it all spilt
Messing her dress, floor, and the table so curved.
He helped her clean; fed her like a tot.
While they watched her in disgust,
He ensured to blow the soup so hot.
He smiled, as his hand slid in his pocket
To reach the deepest corner,
That held the secret and a docket.
He kneeled with a ring in his hand
And offered a rose in the other,
The Son read a thank you note
Returning the mortgaged ring of his mother.

Vandana Saxena

Vandana Saxena

I am Vandana Saxena from India. I am a Content Writer and HR Professional by qualification and Creative Writer by passion. After working in the corporate world for almost two decades I realized that "It's never too late to become what you might have been." So, I started creating stories and verses. After exploring the creative side of my pen for a few years, I am here with you, creating stories and more!
Vandana Saxena

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