The Divine Coalition, a poem by Ines Ben El Hadj at
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The Divine Coalition

The Divine Coalition

written by: Ines Ben El Hadj


I was for you a breath of chaos and passion
Delicately, softly inhaled like a sweet perfume
Ensorcelling you towards a world of illusion
A sweet addiction that everyday you consume

You were for me a breeze of love and devastation
Everyday, kissing my heart with your luscious words
Everyday, softly pervading my feelings, my worlds
Slowly becoming my only religion, my only devotion

And we were for each other just a sublime escape
From the reality and its sorrow, we hated so much
Our breakout where we always explored its inscape
Until, We conflated like two galaxies with a touch

And we were fallen angels, just eternally falling
Into the skyscape of each other’s hearts and passion
And we were cursed lovers, just perpetually drowning
In this fatal tsunami of a perpetual violent emotion

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