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The Door

The Door

written by: AngelFace44



One Door closes, another one opens
this I have been told.
Yet no one spoke of what may come
when said Door I do not behold.
And so my feet were placed upon a path
much different than before.
Where would it lead? I didn’t know.
Of that I was quite sure.

At first the path was brightly lit
all things I clearly could see.
But slowly in, the darkness crept
shadows seeking to envelop me.
At times I embraced this darker path
wallowing in my despair.
Perhaps it’s what I did deserve
I found it hard to care.

Time moved ever forward
the years just passing by.
Slowly dwindling, my hope did fade
I no longer questioned why.
Fourteen long and lonely years
pain and anguish a fact.
Yet, now a light does brighten
along my shadow lined path.

The Door, before me it does stand
behind it my heart’s desire.
Opening so very slowly, I wait
for I feel my love’s great fire.
With confidence, I walk through the Door
my love is waiting there.
In the shadows, he too has lived
enduring his pain filled years.

Eyes meet and souls greet
no words need be spoken.
Into his warm embrace I run
the taste of his lips so sweet.
Hearts smiling, love flowing
our paths merge forever more.
Together we walk down our fated path
for we both have found our Door.

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