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The Dream

The Dream

written by: Kingsley Kong


Deep within me lives an entity. It pretends to be my friend, but in the end it’s just my enemy. It clutches my serenity. Mind fucks memories, plays back imagery that fucks me up mentally. Claims we have synergy. Drains all my energy. Feel it in my veins when I say I ain’t interested. “I don’t give a damn bout plans or goals, the answer’s no. I do what I want, not what I’m told. So you can get fucked, I’m in control. Run along now and leave me alone.”

The mischievous, devious, piece of shit little prick, full of lies, and pride, runs and hides in the shadows of my soul. Thrives in the dark, tearing me apart. Starting with my mind, then on to my heart. Hands around my throat, tight like a rope, I am being choked. Room fills with smoke. The air gets cold. I am frozen in place. Floating just in front of me is a cloak with no face. Looking to the heavens, I pray for a blessing. The house starts to shake and I begin to levitate. I need some protection for Jesus sake! Someone call a priest, I’ve reached my fate.

The smoke goes away and my visions clear. Hoping the faceless cloak had disappeared, I turned around slowly to face my fear. The cloak didn’t look the same, it had changed a lot. Completely fickle. When it came to a stop, my jaw was dropped. I’d rather it had just kept switching, cuz this mother fucking thing was gripping a sickle. The room got hot, and the lights went dim. He gave me a nod and said, “Hi, my name is Grim. I’m running late so I’ll do this quick.” He swung his sickle and hit my face and head. I knew right then that I was dead. The very next minute I was wide awake in bed covered in sweat and screaming. I couldn’t believe it, I was only dreaming.

I lay back down and tried to sleep. I tossed and turned restlessly. Every time I’d doze off I thought of “Rest In Peace!” So i jumped outta bed and started getting dressed. That’s the very moment I became possessed. I was rushed by a gust of wind that hit like a truck. I went out on a whim and thought, “I am fucked!” A different state of mind, I was spaced. Thought about the dope I just faced, someone had to of laced it. I can’t maintain my brain enough to think strait. Fuck I must be wasted! I went to the mirror and was bedeviled. Peering back at me was the devil.

Then everything changed, he exclaimed that he wants to play a game. I tell him I ain’t playing as I scream and I scold. “Leave me fucking be, it is time to go!” He grins as he chuckles, “You cannot win. I will never buckle, I’m in charge of your life and I’ve brought you some troubles. It’s Alright to fight, I love it when you struggle. Calm down and just be subtle. Do you feel it in your heart?  You and I are one, we’ll never be apart. This is just the beginning, we’re only at the start. Quit your fucking bitching my homely counterpart. Just shut up and listen. You’re about to witness a spiritual vision. If it’s done right, it’ll change your life. I’m not joking, take this right here, put it in your pipe, light and smoke it.” Took a hit and started choking. He was right, my mind was eased and everything alright.

He gave me a pen and paper and said “This is what you’ll use. From this day forward these are your tools. Now sit down and write while you’re dazed and confused.” I began to pen and everything went blank. Suddenly I was flooded with luxury, and I was standing in a bank. I checked the amount in my account, it was more than I could ever count. A career as a writer is what I’ll surmount. I couldn’t believe it. Everything I wanted was finally in my reach. A bottomless wallet, and I could finally keep it.

Then it all disappeared and I woke up from a sleep. Disappointed it was just a dream, I got ready to leave. I got outta bed, showered and I dressed. I was leaving out the door when I noticed it on my desk. The pad, the pen, and a note that read, “It was not just a dream or a trick inside your head. Your worth is what you really seen. The vision was legit. So sit down right now and get to work. Make sure to show it to the public. The right ones will notice and before you know it you’ll be published.. It may start a little slow. Do not try to rush it. Just smoke your pipe, always write and never ever stop. As fast as you can blink your eyes, you will be on top, I am being honest.” At the bottom, the note was signed “with love, from your conscience.” I just grinned not trying to be conceited. I started to pen and sent it in for all of you to read it. Peace!


A sinister way of reaching success.

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