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The Eternal Beauty

The Eternal Beauty

written by: Neeraj Kumar


Bells chiming
Ice cool winter weather here
Sounds of horses trotting by, while pulling the horse carts there
Dark mesmerizing chocolaty aroma all around
Seems like as if somehow I’ve managed to go back to the Old England for sure
The beauty of this place is alluring
Somehow, all of a sudden, out of nowhere my eyes get stuck on a girl which seemed to be passing by there
The way silence manages to leap under the skin of her face
Is how silence dwells there
The way her eyes shine
They seem similar to the first ray of sun which enters there
Her earrings seem as if they are a miniature version of the bells of the clocks which chime there
Her dress sparkles like the sunlight that shimmers through the curtain of oak trees there
Her scent smells similar to the mesmerizing chocolaty aroma which seems to be blended in the air there
Sometimes, it feels as if
She does belong to that place, No?
When she walks
The sound of her footsteps does sound similar to the sound of a horse trotting by, while he pulls the cart
Her complexion does seem, to be like the moonlight which shines over that place, at night
Her red fingernails are like thorns of a rose which grows there
Which seem to be giving warning to anyone who wishes to harm the beauty of theirs
Which is she herself in her case
Her hair looks similar to a blanket which people use in order to keep themselves warm during ice cool winter weathers there
I wish I could have talked to her
Let her know of all the beauty that she possesses
But then, all of a sudden I realise
All that glitters is not gold
One day, as she is human
She too will get old
All those oak trees will too face the autumn
All that sunlight that shimmers there during winters, will too turn into scorching heat of summers
All those fingernails, will too one day fall off just like rose petals do
All those shiny eyes, will too one day lose proper sight
All that white skin will too become pale and dull
All that mesmerizing chocolaty smell of hers, will too one day start stinking like that of mud
All the silence which she possesses at present, at her face, will too one day, bear hues and cries
All that flowing hair of hers, which the other day seemed like a blanket, will too one day get littered around just like torn pages do
Here I am
For that very day
The day, when I would get to know the Real beauty of hers
The day, when all those glitters that successfully misguided many
Will reveal their bitter truth to everyone
The day when I would get to embrace The Beauty, which never ever faded even by the slightest bit ever
The Beauty
Which stayed with her
All along
From cradle
To Grave
This Beauty
Within her
Beauty of heart
Beauty of soul
Which will forever remain young and warm, only if she lets it be
At the time
When her outer beauty seems to start
Melting with wrinkles.



True beauty never dies, it always remains young and warm.

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