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The Eternal Watch

The Eternal Watch

written by: RayFed



I stand here on my hill, a specter caught in worlds between.

Where on these very streets of the vale below I rode a warrior, proud and conquering.

Times and people forgotten that left chasms of empty thoughts in my mind.

A new age has come, yet still I stand the hill overlooking my home.

For want of a better heaven or worse hell I will never know, for all the pleasure of suffering is here within the purgatory of my heart.

No more grand dreams of proud honor.

Empires rose and fell in a moment of eternity.

Air to dust in my lungs and my life’s blood has drained onto this ground and rooted me fast and secure as ironwood stumps.

The children’s children of my army play upon the fields where their father’s father died.

We built our walls high, but everything crumbles from misuse and age.

And so I stand, solitary and waiting, watching the horizon for the flash of bright banners and the sound of the horn calling “To arms, to arms!”.

Always on watch for my army that never arrives.

Brought to it’ knees by morals they swore had been forgotten.

Were that I was born with no soul that fate had not a hand to take it.

I gloried in my Legion and the destruction I did excel and now here I stand, on watch, to await the outcome.

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