The Eye That Loves The Soul, poem by Bridget Samuel at
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The Eye That Loves The Soul

The Eye That Loves The Soul

written by: Bridget Samuel


In her eyes, I can feel my ice melting,
my arrogance and pain sinking,
like the sunset of twilight,
coming afresh in the dawn as sunrise.

Let me not talk about the solace in her hands,
if you know the feeling of coldstone,
that’s extremely beyond that.
my naughtiness calms as one obeying the master,
it just makes me wonder “what an angel you are”

Head fills with files of tasteless memories,
but when two eyes lock, I feel the penetration,
“just your eyes, can drive my demons away”
this she throws the magnificent smile,
that makes me go on air.

“How can such eyes love my dead soul!?”
this played in my head,
but as my woman-god; she rings,
“cause the soul deserves my Love”
and again I’m left stunned.

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