The Fall of A Phone, a poem by Minu Jasdanwala at
Alexander Andrews

The Fall of A Phone

The Fall of A Phone

written by: Minu Jasdanwala


There was a man and a lady.
The lady knew Science and the man knew the words.
Long age distance lay between them like man
on the earth and the cuckoo bird
on the Asopalava tree top.

One day the man called me with broken voice
from his broken phone.
‘Sir’, said he. ‘My lady fell my phone.’

‘Young man’, said I.
‘Worry not. When glory, men and nations have
brutally fallen by the tender charms,
when you have fallen in and for her,
why pity the fall of the phone?’
Its dents are lesser than yours.

He hung up on me
and it was never known if he
then smiled or wept.

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