The Fallen written by Daedalus Chaos at

The Fallen

The Fallen

written by: Daedalus Chaos



[As] I walk through the valley
situated just outside my home,
the hint of copper invades my
nostrils and my feet carry me across the
withering remains of a former paradise.

I survey the landscape, only to
discover a lone, lush tree standing
proud amongst its fallen foes.
Leaves as green as the grass should be,
strong brown roots that have surfaced.

Dry maroon droplets lay scattered
directly under the leaves as they appear to
have fallen from the fruits the tree bears. How strange,
as my eyes rest on them, a hunger I’ve never
felt stirs. I pluck a fruit and sink my teeth.
The warm metallic juice only encourages me to ravish it.

Unquenchable hunger grows with
each bite; my heart beats fast and
I feel my veins first warm, then boil. No
longer content with the tree’s gift, I run from
the valley in search of a new tree to plant.

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