The Flame written by Cindy Medina at

The Flame

The Flame

written by: Cindy Medina



Tongue of fire in the night
to those wise a cherished sight
tapered flame steadfastly aglow
droplet of sun casting rich halo
for grim watcher wrapped in quilt
tired eyes affixed on golden gilt
storm beyond windows does lash
angry thunder seeking to smash
casting hailstones with sadistic glee
pummeling roofs and stripping trees
such severity other sparks fled
doomed to realm of cold dead
fated snuffed by Reaper’s shroud
certain as sun overtaken by cloud
now as grim terror stalks the land
She sits with assurity at hand
highest faculty in plain sight
surest guard against all blight
a living tree it would seem
tallow trunk set with radiant beam.

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