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The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit

written by: Social_calamity98


There lay a tree of love
Deep in the forest time
Soon entered a soul-filled with scars and vice
Into this forest, with his mind like a dice
He knew not what lay ahead
Licking the wounds of his past
Mourning over his present
For he had no future
But trudged along did he
Albeit like a soldier from a scathing battle

Deep within the forest
The tree of love bore a fruit
unlike any other
Blood red it shone
Illuminating a glow from heaven
Waiting for the soul with a heart
Purer than gold
Few tried to trespass the thorns of friendship
Only to be horse whipped.

Soon came the soldier,
Daggered by the harshness of the forest,
Face to face with the forbidden fruit.
Seem it did like a divine connection,
As the thorny branches paved way,
Only for fate to invade.
Swayed by the winds of lust,
He lost himself.

And come back he did,
Ages and ages hence
Only to find the tree barren,
as it once had been.
Sat below the tree
Did the old man,
Waiting for a fruit that may never return
For all he did was spurn,
The forbidden fruit that was once all alone.

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