The Forgotten Soldier by Donna Africa at

The Forgotten Soldier

The Forgotten Soldier

written by: Donna Africa



Old but regal and wise is he
Cold and forgotten is he
Sitting stoic and alone is he
in his ragged used armchair
silently he sits by his window
watching life unknown to he
as this is not the real world
he knew and realised to be!!

He has so many stories to share
But has been told he is too old
and he no longer feels or cares
But he has so much wisdom
and many a bravado story to share!

He feels frail, afraid and old
fears his story will never be told!
He fought for our country
for our freedom and liberty
but now he sits alone
and is just a nobody
and totally forgotten
I hope that is not the end
to his heroic story
may he never be forgotten!


© Donna Africa


My penned tribute and remembrance to the brave soldiers that fought and died for our freedom and liberty! May they never be forgotten!

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