Four True Aspects of Life, poetry by Ujjal Mandal at

The Four True Aspects of Life

The Four True Aspects of Life

written by: Ujjal Mandal 



The Morning flower
soft, sweet and mild.
The dewdrop kisses the petals
like a mother to her newborn child.
The sun wakes the flower up
with its caressing touch.
The wind shakes the soft stem
as a mother combs her daughter.

The Noon flower loses its
elegance when the sun comes
over its head. The morning dew
dries up. The air becomes
intensely warm. The flower feels unhappy
but still the sun is on its target.

The Afternoon flower fades
and leans towards the ground.
The sun moves away like the way
snails walk, from the flower.
The air is still warm.

The Evening flower
sour, tart and musty. The sun is
lost in the darkness fully. The flower suffocates
in deep darkness too and dies at last
reminiscing about its past happiness.

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