The Future Has No Mercy, a poem by Livio Cotrozzi at
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The Future Has No Mercy

The Future Has No Mercy

written by: Livio Cotrozzi



Where are you? I can not find you
I feel the desires
that murmur restlessly.
talk to me because I’m tired
of the sun, the air and the winds,
the many masks of being,
animals, men, plants,
and the angels, sad, look at me.
Day rises doubtfully
almost unwillingly
it occupies solitude
that explodes, there is nothing else
until it invades you
other and nothing else
long before dawn,
the bruising signs of rain
close the night shining
the bell speaks
tired slips into the wind
as a blade in the side
I’m looking for a place where
stay in peace as you are, now
because I know where you are
we should have been together
I know where you are now
sleep and dreams of your friend
the one you stole the pillow from
or perhaps you play with moths and feathers
of your friends
and I see you again among the roses,
to sleep
in the heat of summer
dreaming who knows the infinite kisses
the bites for play
sleep, together
in the winter afternoons.
and now that our heart
belongs to you
like the wind belongs to the air
You, incredible friend
I must confess:
you made the difference
in our lives
and there is still more to say
for all those memories
but it would all end
always saying goodbye
incredible friend.
How painful this time
this September afternoon
fight because they don’t take
overwhelm those chills
of the heart
prey to pain and torture,
that persecute
A few hours more
and the burning fire
that burned us
it will weaken in the flowers.
High, in the blue field
some of your existences
they will revive,
others will burn
in this human furnace,
necessary medicament
to the fragility of the cosmos
that you left.
that you left me
down here without you

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