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The Future Is This Moment...

written by: Sofia Kioroglou


Can you see how the sun curves
west towards the endless sea?
Can you feel the soothing breeze caressing your cheeks?
Keep watching the seagulls skimming along the crests of foam

Try to catch a glimpse of that streak of gold
on the horizon before the sun hides for another
night's rest and savor the taste of salt
as you lick your lips, swirling it around your palate

The end of the world is not nigh
Look at all these kids cavorting like
the future is now, the future is this moment,
the future is that cry you wiped away after falling

Sofia Kioroglou

Sofia Kioroglou

Sofia Kioroglou is an Athens-based translator and English Teacher. She is a published author and poet that uses words to make an impact. Writing is a form of catharsis and a means of self-discovery as the subject-matter of her work is mainly spiritual and religious. She has two books forthcoming for next year. Among her published works are: Literary Journeys to the Holy Land by Gramma Books (2018), Mystical Experiences in the Holy Land by Gramma Books (2019), Mystical Experiences in the Holy Land - Installment II by Yaffo Publications (2019), Holy Land - The Journal of a Traveler by Yaffo Publications.
Sofia Kioroglou

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