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The Game

written by: Meghashri Dalvi


It began as a game. The concept was simple, you had to choose how you would destroy your own planet earth, and play that scenario. No need to supply reasons, just tap and start.

At strategic points, choose which species live, which dominate, gene tweaking, weaponry, climate changes, sudden volcanic activity, wars, plagues, floods, you name it. The Galactic Disasters gaming company had done a fine job.

Till one young boy started a poll to find the most ingenious and torturous route to destroy earth. No wonder accelerated global warming took the top slot.

And then humanity started self-fulfilling that prophecy.

Meghashri Dalvi

Meghashri Dalvi

Meghashri Dalvi enjoys writing short fiction, especially when they present a mystery. She has published several flash fiction pieces online and in print. She lives in Mumbai, India, teaches Management, and consults in Technical Communication.
Meghashri Dalvi

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