The Girl Frequenting My Dreams, poetry by Moyeen at
Lukas Eggers

The Girl Frequenting My Dreams

The Girl Frequenting My Dreams

written by: Moyeen



The nights when they dawn upon me.
Dreams they bring never before seen.
Exist in which scents strange and places I’ve never before been.
In this wide expanse of unknown, I see a face;
I see the person who’s been frequenting my dreams.

She stands together and yet stands apart from the rest.
A glimmer of piercing light.
To rid of darkness the ailing breast.
Prevails on her face is a mysterious sadness.
The sight of which calms in my dreams; my dreamy unrest.
A queen of her palace of sorrow and I her joyful guest.

She stares at me or does she stare through me?
I forget, as lose my way when I find her eyes.
Her silent eyes, they blur the lines between my dreams and her reality,
As I wonder, how can something so dark be something so bright?

I move towards you.
And I reach out to touch.
You stay still and yet you move,
As if refusing to be my crutch.

I look at my legs.

They look just fine.

It is the mind,

That learnt to limp over time,

Telling itself tales of horror,

Of murder and of crime,

Of the times when I got left behind.

I have lost.
For not every bet is to be won.
Like every star isn’t the sun.
How far could I run?
From the reality that,

You were done,

When I had just begun.

I claim it is she who visits me.
But I am liar who manipulates and schemes.
Let me tell you the truth now.
It is actually I, who frequents you in my dreams.

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