The Grape written by Phyllis P. Colluci at

The Grape

The Grape

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



The “Grape” that has been skinned, lies weak;
Still succulent, although stripped of dignity and pride

And the “Master” comes to eat this “Grape”,
as he moistens his lips with its juices
– Yet, hungers for more…
Hungers for more – With his insatiable appetite

…He comes back now and again,
Like a vampire searching for blood
…He feeds upon its heart and soul,
And takes more juice with every bite

What is left to offer such a man
who tosses away diamonds,
never recognizing their value?
A man who trades the sun for the misty rain;
A man who thinks he can command the world;
A man who breeds turmoil within his soul;
A man who sips the juices of the innocent!
So, tell me, what shall one offer such a man?

Perhaps he should be left to be alone and on his own,
and one must learn to turn their back and walk away; Be strong…
– Take your succulence as you leave this sinful man behind
– Let him hunger for the grape that will never turn to wine
– Let him hunger for its juices
– Unable to quench “that” thirst
– And keep your dignity and your pride, while he searches
…for the “Grape” that is no more…


I hope you enjoy this poem “The Grape”, and know that its true meaning belongs to the individual reader. A writer serves “their” words upon life’s platter, for the reader to ingest through their heart and soul. It may be feast or famine to some, but every poem will mean something to someone.