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The greatest of these

written by: Seorin Kae



It brings our souls together
It keeps our journeys apart

It binds our hearts together
It breaks the chains of love

It captures the darkness
It gives us courage to overcome

It suffocates sanity
It humbles us to forgive

It captures the brokenhearted
It gives birth to sincerity

It makes us aware of our troubles
It sets us free from our impatience

It leads us to trials
It conquers every form of selfishness

Seorin Kae

Seorin Kae

I am a student(MA) and a teacher with a busy schedule, but a lot of thoughts and sentiment I would like to share.
Through my works I want to capture the beauty we so often observe but don't always appreciate . I want to sketch the heart of the inner being of mankind and shed light in the different colors of love that we don't have names for.
Seorin Kae

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