The Heaven I Crave, prose by Ogu Chukwuebuka Kizito at

The Heaven I Crave

The Heaven I Crave

written by: Ogu Chukwuebuka Kizito


If only this picture is a reflection of the heaven I crave, then know that my heart will not rest until I have lain on this grass land. This beauty of a land, this imagination that breeds peace unending, this scene of green lands with green thoughts, this ocean of peace.

This heavenly paradise that my soul craves, this land of quiet where troubles will no longer reach me, where its shores will be void of all the turmoil and machinations of the world of men, this world of far away that awaits with a wide embrace, this aboard my father has promised me with, this promise of a heaven, I hope this be it.

The heaven
That from the mighty water body to the small house covered with green grasses, from the narrow path that meandered its way down to the mighty water body, to twin Mountains that lay far away, gloriously standing shielding me from the treacherous ways of men, from the silence of its shores to the birds and animals that will sing me to sleep, and wake me to a morning glory, from the kind sun that will send its glow in my path, to the moon that will hang overhead my house, as I touch its golden lit sides, seeking out that man always holding a pickax, whom I have several questions for.

It is only at my father’s house, where I shall know no pain, where the daily struggles of the world of men will be a thing of the past, where the scars I carry will be wiped off, where my heart will be free like a bird, where the sins of the past will be no more, where a new journey of happiness and joy begins, where my days will be filed with petals and sepals of flowers.

This promise of a paradise, I hope this will be how it looks, this kingdom buried in the heavens, this aboard created for my comfort, may this journey of mine on earth lead me to its home coming. For nothing on earth will ever be commensurate to this home I long, no money could equate its glory.

Who will lead me to this heavenly paradise that my soul yearns, this rare lands of unimaginable beauty, this home that many sought but few shall find, this promise by almost all religion.

That all my life on earth could not equal one night in this abode, a night of spiritual ecstasy, a haven of celestial perfection, this paradise that will be dwelled by the few, spiritually fit, this dream of religious men, this haven where celestial beings dwelled, where angels sang unending, hymns of praise.

It is only in its realms that I shall know no sin.

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