The Indigenous Stranger, poetry by Mounia Mnouer at

The Indigenous Stranger

The Indigenous Stranger

written by: Mounia Mnouer


When you want to breathe, but can’t find your breath
When you want to smile, but can’t find your muscle strength
A heavy weight that prevents you from seeing straight.

You try looking for ways to lift the weight.
Wait! Do I need to debate?

Am I sad because I am far from my African land?
So far, the emotions are hard to comprehend?
So far, I am locked in a stranger’s jar,
in the world of the diaspora,
where we need to debate who we are

I am stuck in this constant fear,
that my Indigenous identity would disappear

I am stuck in a constant fear
that my inner spirit I will not hear
that my soil would not recognize my trace,
that my ancestors would look at me and say:
Who is this visitor with a suitcase?

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