The Jewel Thief, a poem by Elisha Alladina at
Dan Farrell

The Jewel Thief

The Jewel Thief

written by: Elisha Alladina


You think we’re the ones who take the shortcuts
While you slip through cracks
Feeling up on butts

Brag about your prizes
Treat us like scores
He does what he wants
Cause she’ll always be the whore

Whenever we confront
You have the final say
Manipulative tactics
These mind games I won’t play

Called me your diamond
And promised every jewel
But this pearl saw through you
I’ll never be your fool…

Proclaimed me a gem
So precious it’s unreal
But my soul always gleamed
Without validation from a male

Gazed at me with sapphire eyes
A cunning smile of ruby lips
But miss emerald spots true colours
And strayed far away from those hips

Targets many treasures
For sensations of pleasure
A jewel thief amidst us all
You’ve no access to my vault

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