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The Kiss

The Kiss

written by: Mike Ricketts


Her lips met mine, soft, gentle tissue,
That intimate touch shared no issue.
Totally sensitive to touch and moistness,
As top and bottom lip share the caress.

Slightly parted, pressed, not too hard,
A feeling of being in the King’s courtyard.

Enough to signal that they were there,
A feeling of intimacy that is quite rare.
Accompanied with the beauty she beholds,
Our deepness of relations spontaneously unfolds.
This was achieved without holding,
But soon we found our arms folding,
Due to the sensation that makes me dizzy,
And the excitement that makes me fizzy.

And so our arms envelope each other,
With warmth of passion that is described as smother.

The unique experience that ‘lovers’ achieve,
This is something that happens, I truly believe.
The lips part, yet there is an engagement,
Exciting the senses, for a hormonal rearrangement.
Tingling, sparkling, yet dreamy too.
It’s happening for me, is it happening for you?

And as if by magic, we part our lips,
We move apart with entwined finger tips.
We smile and walk, hand in hand.
Together we are the eternal strand.

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