The language of Archangels, poetry by Eric Danhoff at
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The Language of Archangels

The language of Archangels

written by: Eric Danhoff



the language of archangels
is complex
it is musical
their existence lay far beyond us
something within our passage of time
with the movement of wings
the words are slowed
to a crawl
as sound leaves the mouth
with the loudest thunderclap
like piano strings
pulled to their tightest
stretching a second into an hour
the sound for you and i
is mechanical
not unlike the whirring of an engine
a thousand voices
crying into the narrow tunnels
of ears
it is to be felt and not understood
the wailing
a siren from places
further than we can touch
it is alien
their song compressed
melodies torn
harmonies crushed
blending screams
into slowest

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