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written by: TM DiSarro



You left a letter in our room
A statement of the hurting kind
Sprayed it with your best perfume
To burn as sulfur in my mind

Addressed to me in crimson ink
Like salt splashed on
A festering wound
This last cut splashed
Over the Brink
A puzzle finished
Way too soon

I tore it open with my teeth
Twice bitten words command respect
While calculating what could be
The hidden source of
Love's neglect

I read your words then let them fall
In scattered pieces to the floor
While trying to find
The reasons why
Our pain is a revolving door

For endings of such love affairs
Are nothing that we ever plan
They're lost in soft degrees of trust
Like fires of hate are slowly fanned

And failure is another option
That we choose just like success
It’s measured out like sweetest poison
When we fail to do our best

Killing off the smallest chance
To show how much we truly care
Until we find what’s
Yours and mine
Are lost inside a living snare

Trapped as wolves are born to run
We'd rather bite off our own hands
Escaping to another's arms
Just slaves to lust
And fate's demands

But never will we find escape
Unless we shed our secret pain
The new life that
We would hope to find
Will end for certain just the same

The past will soon pick up our scent
And always follows close behind
To sniff out all the discontent
Forever written on our minds


©2018 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

TM DiSarro

TM DiSarro

I do not consider myself a writer but I love to write. Neither a poet but I love poetry. I steal bits and pieces of time to scratch out ideas on note books, laptops and cell phones. I live and work in Florida fabricating custom canvas and other fabric products and sometimes costumes.
TM DiSarro

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